WWII Turning Points
Timeline- emailed, Openmind
Pearl Harbor-
Pearl Harbor was the major turning point of WWII. This is when the Americans finally declared war, due to the actions of their enemies. The wars tide completely turned when the large armies of the U.S. join the side of the Allies. Pearl Harbor was a Japanese Attack on the U.S. in Hawaii at the port of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Thousands of American Soldiers were killed, and it was the final straw for the Americans, and forced them to wage war on the Japanese.

This completely changed the course of the war in the sense that, an entire new incredible force was now joining. It was the turning point that changed the fact that the Axis was on the offensive and now they were forced to the defensive. The goals for Germany and Japan before the Americans joining with the Allies was conquer everything in their path, and now it was defend anything they could.

Primary source 1- http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/pearl2.htm- Showed the success of the Japanese Attack



D-Day- D-Day was one of the most important and key offensives by the U.S. and British forces during WWII. This offensive was against German forces on the beaches of Normandy. Soldiers came by sea and by air, hitting the Germans with everything they’ve got. With this successful attack the U.S. and British forces were able to move farther inland and get closer to the German Surrender.

This changed the war drastically in the sense, that the Allies now had an easy road into the center of Europe were they could begin to recapture the cities that were once taken from them. This also greatly boosted the morale of a once defeated Allied force. This also forced the Axis into a deep retreat and over time ended in their surrender, ending the war.


http://www.dwightdeisenhower.com/audio/Eisenhower-Order%20of%20the%20Day.wav- Primary source 2- Speech that prepared the soldiers, for their incredible attack


Hiroshima, a large scale city in Japan. This city was in a sense downgraded in size, when the U.S. used an Atomic Bomb that blew up much of the city, killing nearly 100,000 people. It was an attack that we will never forget, one for not just history, but science as well, being the first Atomic bomb ever used in an Attack. This bomb was dropped to send a warning to the Japanese, to show them what the U.S. was capable of.

This changed the course of the war in the fact that it lead to the surrender of the Japanese. Although it took two Atomic bombs for their surrender, it got the job done. The bombs of mass destruction struck so much fear into the Japanese military’s mind, that they had no choice but to surrender. With the Japanese surrender the war was close to its end.